Cleveland Ohio born Kelley Poling has transitioned from being one of the top bathing suit and athletic models of the late 90’s, to working as an actress in film and television today.

As a model, Kelley worked on campaigns with Hawaiian Tropic, Nike, Yamaha, and Harley Davidson.

For a year between her modeling days and her acting career, she was on tour with Madonna.

Having grown up in a military family, she is also a marksman with handguns, rifles, and archery.

Kelley is also trained in automatic weapons and martial arts techniques specific to film and television.

When not filming, she travels the world as a competitive Classical Fencer and is proficient with foil, small-sword, dueling sword, rapier, and sabre. Poling has been training for more than 20 years in New York with Maestri Jeannette Acosta Martinez and Ray Martinez of the prestigious Martinez Academy of Arms.

For fun, she surfs, runs 5k races, and performs Celtic/Scottish music. Written by 369 Talent